The Temple of Chaos is the center temple of the Chaos religion. The legendary temple in the middle is said to be a building that fell from the sky around 2745 B.C. It was the day the temple fell that the Chaos religion was founded. As well, it is said that the stones over temple entreance was formed as the God of Chaos's head, but it was destroyed when the temple fell from the sky and landed on its side. The statue in front of Temple is is of King Lagin, the first king of Laginia. The obelisk that is to the east of the statue tells the four thousand year old story about the time after the temple descended.

Today many tourists flock to the city each year, to see the culture of the city that was declared "One of the 6 greatest cities in the world". There are many houses and homes for the many immigrants trying to learn Laginian and wish become a Laginan citizen. Laginia currently has a taxation on Gibraltar.

Laginian UndergroundEdit

(Coming soon. No, it's not a metro system.)


Marble is mined from the Rock of Gibraltar.

The lumber industry is at a low point, due to the lack of wood usage in Laginia.

Coal mining is a large sector, as it is used to produce energy for the cities of Laginia.

Copper mining is a large sector, as it is used in factories to produce electrical wiring.


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