The Aregon EmpireEdit

An empire filled with war, Aregon's history is filled with bloodshed. As it's flag says, "War" is common to Aregonian life; their soldier's hearts filled with strength! Generals of 25 in number come from the center city; they seek to destroy their enemies outside of Aregonian borders, and to maintain peace inside!

Normal city life involves fulfilling ones duty, assisting during times of war, and bringing forth a larger and more sucessful population! The lives of Aregonian soldiers are brutal, taught to never betray and always crush the enemy, there is no letting up for them as they constantly train and prepare for the coming battles! Soldiers learn all of known Aregonian history, of which much has been recorded, and use that ability to learn to dominate the weaker minded amongst our foes!

War (Japanese)

Flag Of Aregon!

We consider ourselves to be more evolved than humans, identifying our race as the HomoAregonian, and not without reason. We live lives of 220 Years, the elders of Aregon foresee wars and know when the darkness moves, and such is only a small bit of our superior powers!

Only the Men in Aregonian society are allowed to become soldiers, as the women either do housekeeping or help the troops in service camps. Service camps hold troops of around 2,500, are usually in the forest, and are made up of large tents that can contain up to 50 soldiers at a time. While in the forest, there are evil demons, like Darkened Nightmares or Possesed Elves, which pose a threat to these service camps very often. Darkened Nightmares are spirits that can crawl into your mind and destroy you, while there are not many who have made it out of an encounter with a Possed Elf alive who can describe them.

Aregon once flourished on another planet, called Turimanus, long before the empire conquered it and established a colony on a newly discovered world, Earth. It continues to live on Earth to date, interacting with the Human nations of said new world.

Aregon StatisticsEdit

  • Aregonian Language: Aregon
  • Aregonian DemiGods: Aregon, Yokohama, Neo
  • Aregonian Religion: Neoism (Similar to Earth's "Buddhism".)
  • Aregon's Current Population: 4 Billion
  • Deadliest War Faced: Great Infinite War (5850 A.D.)
  • Enemies: Orcs (3.2-1.9 Million BC), White Mist (1.6-1.4 BC), BlackTron (10110 BC-8090 AD)
  • Longest Life: 874 Years, Aregon 5 Million.
  • Greatest Film: Solice, The Wars Story!

Aregon Earth SettlementsEdit