Asterian AgreementsEdit

From time to time, the great nation of Asteria will form an agreement with one or more other nations; the following are such agreements:

The Sweden Border Agreement [Accepted]Edit


A rough-draft of the Sweden-Asteria border.

UponUpon the arise of a border dispute, it was determined that a peaceful agreement was to be found to determine an appropriate solution, the following are the terms of the agreement:
  • Asteria will here-by agree to cease and prevent all current and future plans to expand into Swedish territory.
  • Asteria will be granted the right to maintain the lands it has already claimed.
  • Asteria will be given the ability to expand into what the Swedish formally knew as "Finland".
  • Sweden will be given a portion of "Finnish" land to make up for all land lost to Asteria.
  • Sweden will not be permtted the right to expand into or violate Asterian lands.
  • Should either part violate this agreement, it shall become void and ll terms of it shall here-by no longer be in affect; this will ultimatly end in war.
  • Should either side go to war, this agreement will be frozen and the terms will not be in affect during the period of that war. Upon the ending of said conflict, the two parties may be allowed to discuss the reinstation of this agreement as well as the modification of it.

The Majitatian Empire is 'Sweden'.

Undetermined AgreementEdit

No other agreements at this time.