Asterian MilitaryEdit

The Asterian Military consists of a Navy which controls the seas, an Army which controls the land, and an Airforce which controls the skies; the Asterian Military does not have a Marines, instead increasing the level of training for it's other military divisions to compensate. The Asterian Military also consists of the Royal Guard, which is tasked with protecting the members of the government as well as all government property or government buildings; the Royal Guard, much like the Secret Service of the Untied States, also has authority over matters of counterfeit Asterian Currency. As opposed to a polethora of agencies (such as the FBI, CIA, so on), most services are under the juristiction of the Military.

The Asterian Military is a volunteer miliatary, as opposed to a draft-based military, meaning that citizens may choose to join the military but will not be forced to; this may change during times of war should Asteria become threatend. Further information on the Asterian Military is not available at this time.


The Military has not only traditional divisions, such as a navy, but organizations such as those handling the nations reaction to outbreaks are also under it's control.