Asterian Monuments [National]Edit

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    The Bronze Bridge

    The Bronze Bridge in Solara City.

    The Bronze Bridge:

The Bronze Bridge: Located in Solara City, this bridge is reffered to simply as "The Bronze Bridge" and has made it's way into Asterian Culture. Constructed in 1938, this bridge continues to play the part of a vital connection between the island of Argona and the mainland (Argona is a part of Solara City).

  • The Argonian Obelisk

    The Argonian Obelisk in Solara City.

    The Argonian Obelisk: This large Obelisk is the oldest tower in all of Solara City. Having been built during Argon II's reign in the 10th century, this obelisk has served as a major symbol of the local population for centuries. This large obelisk stands on the western bank of the Stanhove River in Solara City, Asteria in the Netherlands.

  • The Nuova Torre Memeroial Garden + Monument: Missed eternally, the victims of the 2014 terrorist attacks on the Nuovo Building of downtown Solara City. That moment shall be eternally engrained in the memories of the Asterian people, who will for ever know there is no justice they may think of which may repay the deaths of the 4,386 people who died on that horrible day. To ensure their memory lives on, the people of Solar City have constructed a memorial: A garden in the shape of the building after first impact (Red for the bloodshed, blue for the sorrow, white for the shock and pain which rippled through the country) and a memerial wall covered in the names of the dead from that date, as well as two partially broken pyramids, which represent the peice of Asteria which was taken away from us that day. Long live the people of Asteria, forever remember the de
    The Nuovo Memorial Garden

    Red for the Bloodshed that day, Blue for the Sorrow, White for the shock and pain which rippled through the country. RIP 2014 Nuova Torre Building victims.

    Nuovo Memroial Monument

    "Eternally missed, the victims of the 2014 Terrorist Attacks."


  • Amapa Tribal Reserve

    The Amapa Tribe's camp near New Overion.

    Amapa Tribal Resere
    : The Amapa Tribe was recently discovered at the current location of the newly established Asterian settlement, New Overion. While little is known about them, it is hoped that by preserving their lands and their camps as well as with extensive research that we may some day come to understand these long lost brothers and sisters of ours.

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Asterian Monuments [International]Edit

  • Archaen Arch

    Built in 1912; the Archaen Arch of Langover City.

    The Archaen Arch
    : Constructed in 1912, the Archaen Arch was once the largest arch in the world and has served as a gateway to Langover City for generations of Asterian's and those seeking citizenship in the land of hope and glory. While it is no longer the largest Arch in the kind, it still holds such an achievement within the nation and still serves as a major icon for not only the people of Asteria and Langover City, but also as a reminder of the triumphs and hard-ships of the immigrants which have made their way to Asteria in hopes of a better life.

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