Chevek CityEdit

Chevek City is the capital of the Chevek Empire. It came about since 1302 close to the renaissance. As a result much of the buildings are renaissanced styled. The city is also a holy city of the Cowism religion. Chevek city has a population peaking at 500,000. It is the heart of all industry and trade in the chevek empire, thus accumilating vast amounts of wealth. The first Foreign Corporation has located in the downtown district known as Cyber Corp, other corporations are thinking of locating the city boosting the commercial industry in Chevek City.

Skyline of Chevek CityEdit

Chevek City's skyline is relatively knew featuring the Cyber Corp as the largest building in the city. The Capital can be seen throughout the city do to its relative height above the average ground level. Plans of even larger buildings are coming from foreign corporations and wealthy buisnessmen.

  • Chevek City Skyline

Palazzo dei CieliEdit

Palazzo dei Cieli stands for Palace of the Heavans. This was given by the general public do to that the palace is literally uplifted several meters high, and the building itself is one of the tallest in the City. Thus, this brings the affect that it is literally in the heavens where as the rest of the landscape is low and hilly. The Palace was designed by engineer Tori Gerezana. He was able to make a fortress that would be able to hold off cannon attacks and channel the attacking army towards the slopping streets. The palace was also a key feature in his design ment to emaze foreigners and citizens of the country with its large distinctive roofs. The Unique design also makes it the perfect bomb shelter.

  • Palace of the Heavans

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