Cinquinsola is is a settlement on a group of islands just outside Chevek City. The much remoter settlement has a far harsher climate. Thus vast amounts of snow falls apon the sleepy settlement in the winter, providing pines with the advantage over the southern trees.



Distinctive RoovesEdit

Do to the harsher climate chevekians found lower ramped

rooves would cave in after a few heavy snowfalls. Chevekians began to use high slanted rooves so that snow would fall down the sides if snow was to build up.

Urbanization Edit

Chevek provided Cinquinsola with vasts amounts of trade, wealth and population. As a result Cinquinsola became the first fronteir of the Chevekians. The colony kept growing, aquiring a quarry, coal mine. Eventually it had became a town and now rivals Chevek. Cowism also played a big influence which the settlement is know a holy city. Development occured around the southern region where less hilly terrain existed.


Cinquinsola - Town

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