City UnitedEdit

City United exists in the United Empire. We are a verry strong Empire. It;s 1st city is called United. It's a holY city based on 1000 years ago. That has the 1st Trade Center every made and the 1st skyscarpper. We have 2 sky scrappers. The Kings Shelter. Is made from Domond and stone. It is a verry good bomb shelter and a good last stand area. We have good mines and lots of oil. Are farming gives us plenty of food and we have over a population of 7 Million people. Are goal is to own the england Islands we own the smallest island. We are know as the devil Empire. Are relgion is the Mentor. We have good building, and strong foundoution. We start small and go big. We grow and we expand. Are city has the 1st skyscarpper herat. We have over 5 skyscrappers. We have the 1st ever

Ussr flag commander 1924 staff-929px

This is the Flag for the Frontier Civilian Force.

airport, Nuckler power plant, and air port. We were the 2nd town ever made, and soon to be the 1st city to be made! we are every epic, and heroic. We do what is right and we do not care if we kill you if we have to save are people. We will do trade and allies to contry from this city. It is also the heart of trade in the england islands and our empire. We trade by sky, by land, bywater, and by boat. We will do what ever we have to so we can GROW!!!!

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