Founded in 1782, And capital of the Veltrascan nation this city is a place of agriculture to most people in the region. The main relgion is Navism, with its prophet, TheRobloxNavy. Its flag shown in this page has been its official flag for more than a century and a half. Currently the population of Incrandia is 10000. With the discovery of coal and iron,the building of a factory, the addition of 15 solar panels, and a dock have made the city start to boom. Almost 57% of the area is farmland and surrounding it, the main part of the city and the forest which is used for lumbering. The current area of the city is in Western Normandy in France. The first school was finished and is able to hold up to 600 students at once for all grades, currently there is a republic set in place which 4 senators are elected and a 1 term president is elected every 4 years. The city is open to trade with other cities if needed. Currently the city is undergoing a population boom as the result of fresh water coming from the desalination plant and because of a new trade route with Chevek City.


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