Cityracing (Cityracing Republic) was founded in 1986, during the Imperial invasion of Denmark. Development started slow, however gold and industrialization caused a dramatic increase in growth. The capital's population is 36,258. The entire population is 62,693. In, 1991, during the fall of the Soviet Union, Development was haulted for 6 years, because they lost thier greatest trading partner. Now with U.S. and other Western Influences, Cityracing is greatly improving. The Saint Johnson Memorial Highway was created in 2004 to continue growth within the nation, but in 2007 the Construction was haulted due to a solid, yet unstable bedrock mountain. In 2011, The industrial expansion project was initiated. Costing 11.2 Million dollars, this project is the largest in the Young Nation's History. Over 5.6 million was in the construction of the highway. Now flourishing, this nation will have many more challenges to overcome in order to maintain proper economic balence