The DBC, standing for Davacori Broadcasting Corporation, is a major media conglomerate. Founded in 1987, it has since grown from a size of 230 to 16,000 employees and was privatised in 2002 by the 1999-2011 Conservative Administration.

The DBC is a respected media corporation with global revenues of some 10 billion rupees ($1.25 bn) and an operating profit (as of Q2 this year) of 819 million rupees. It has gained critical acclaim for its professional reporting on both Davacori and international issues.

DBC Home News

(The following is the latest story from DBC's Davacori news division.)

A major raid has taken place in Musatto City today to cripple an important drugs gang. Local police claim that over 4 million rupees' ($500,000) worth of cannabis have been siezed, and six men and two women are in custody. The mayor of Musatto, Bashir Ulaht, announced it as a "momentous event in Musatto's struggle against drugs", referring to the notorious issues surrounding drug mafias in the city.

DBC International News

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