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Empires of Earth Project

The Empires of Earth Project, or EOEP, is a group project that builds settlements, raises empires, and rules an alternate Earth, one in which history and the civilizations are different but yet still similar to those we're familiar with. Empires participating in the EOEP can create alliances, trade, start wars, and so much more, it's all up to you; the possibilities are endless!
The Empires of Earth Project started in September 2011, when the Universal Mini Builders first formed, founded by, among others, Matt1889 and Cowkiller, and has developed significantly since then. Due to a breif hiatus in the project around late 2012 and early 2013 that resulted in a reboot of the project in mid 2013, it is today referred to as the "EOEP2" and anything from it prior to 2013 is referred to as the "EOEP1" so as to distinguish between the reboot and the original run of the project.

Guides and Standards

Here you should find guidelines, rules, and standards for the EOEP universe, including information on our economic and military systems and how to interact with canon history:
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The guides you will find here will come in two distinct categories. Guides telling you about the Roleplaying aspect of the Empires of Earth Project and Guides telling you about the Physical Mini building aspect of the project. A (RP) will designate it as a Roleplaying guide All others are Mini building guides.



Diplomacy & Government

Project Databases

Below are links to databases on important aspects of the project, including states, cultures, regions, and so on:

International Hub

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The International Hub is where you can find everything from what states think of each other to how the global economy is doing to what the international organizations are up to!

International Relations

Active Wars
American UnionRepublic of Greater MelanesiaUnion of Iberia and ColoniesArgentine RepublicRepublic of FranceAfrican Confederation of Gabon-CongoMali FederationCameroonian Federal RepublicMadagascar, Vs.

Federative Republic of BrazilEmpire of ChadRepublic of ZaireRepublic of Sumatra

N/A Vs,


N/A Vs. N/A


+ N/A Vs.

Latest Diplomacy

Global Federation of Exchanges (GFE)

Global Economy: $1,000,000,000,000,000 (ASD)
Active Resource Nodes: 9,001
Trade Agreements Signed: 9,001
Nuclear Arms Sold: 1,000

Latest Trade

  • None. trades Nothing. for None.'s Nothing. (Time)
  • None. signs a trade agreement with None. (Time)
  • None. forms a unified currency with None., the Nothing. (Time)
  • None. gains access to new resources, Nothing., Nothing., Nothing. (Time)
  • None. cracks down on a Nuclear Arms smuggling ring from None. (Time)
  • More...

International Organizations & Coalitions