Great Citi Of Evinition, Citadel In the Center, Most of the city lies underground of the distraction city, The Under-part of the city has a great advantage from invasion as because if anyone goes through the elevator they get shot on sight. The City has its own farms of fungi, and ponds for fish, and military is trained in counting for numbers, or fighting "side to side," Evinition was found and constructed by elves, until the Aregonians Came and Took the City by War, the Great Evinition War, cause Evinitione in the Aregon Language means Blood Threw War. the population in the undercity has a popuplation of 86.3 million, with hundreds of miles of city, and some suburbs as well! Supposed to Be the Biggest City in the Galaxy, and was Constructed By Aragon The God, In the Year 3,999,972 B.C. To Earth Standard, Actually Aregon is one of the Longest Living Species in the Universe. But This City Is Called "Citi" Cause Its Seeren (Which the Seers are a Very Ancient Race, All Went Extinct In the Year 30 Million ) For "Godlike City."