The Davacori fleet heading for the Gulf of Suez. The crisis remains unsolved.

The Invasion of Suez is an international motion created by the Davacori government to establish an international trusteeship over the Suez Canal to prevent any powers, primarily Laginia, a nation that is settling the region currently, from creating taxes that form irritation to East-West trade.

The Davacori army has deployed the 8th Infantry division (10, 500 soldiers), 3rd & 4th National Guard regiments (2,000 soldiers), an assortment of MBTs from the 2nd Armoured Division (87 tanks) and the 3rd motorized brigade (267 trucks and armoured vehicles). They are currently establishing a camp in the region and preparing to head north to the Laginian settlement.

The Davacori action has been criticised from many areas, primarily by the Laginian government,whose leader, DarkIvor, has stated that

"We are not setting taxes at Suez, only at Gibraltar. We are only building that settlement because we want to trade with you."

The Davacori government has made the following statement:

"Considering the hindrance to trade caused by the creation of taxes in Laginia's Gibraltan provinces, the Davacori government does not desire the same situtation to be created in a region extremely crucial to Davacori trade and economic wellbeing. We do not propose the destruction of any Laginian settlement along the Suez Canal, but only suggest that the region be occupied by an international force which can intervene at any time and prevent the Laginian government from imposing any unfair taxes on the world's nations."

The New Roman government has deployed an infantry battalion for peacekeeping. Discussions in Roma for a possible peace are ongoing.