Jacques Fresco


Jacques Fresco was born in 1916 on March 13th in Brooklyn, New York. He is an extremely intelligent person, and dreamed of the future since he was only eight years old. With extremely fascinating inventions and innovations, he became a great engineer and amazed many people. Fresco is a self-educated structural designer, philosopher of science, concept artist, educator, and futurist. This article skips most of his life after this, except in his involvement with Marxonia in 2046 on (which means this is made up).

In the 21st century, a worldwide revolution began, and there was much violence. At the time, Fresco was visiting Giovanni de Lazio in the Ukraine. The world was soon destroyed when all countries had launched missiles, nuclear warheads, etc. Several pockets of the world were spared, but civilization was largely destroyed. Fresco and Giovanni saw this as an opportunity to make good on the world, and so in 2046, they made a settlement under the banner of Marxonia. This settlement was called Simferopol,
Marxonia Supercomputer

The supercomputer...

after the ruined city not too far from there.

A year later, Giovanni had gotten in a serious accident in which most of his body was completely destroyed. The details are unknown, but Fresco preserved the brain of Giovanni. He began working on a project for a perfect ruler of Marxonia, and over the next three years, he made it. It was the supercomputer of Marxonia. It is located in Marx Tower. On Jacques 134th birthday, he put Giovanni's brain into the supercomputer to allow him to run the nation again. The year is now 2050.