King Nikolai I.

King Nikolai I of the Kingdom of Ossetia

King Nikolai I of the Kingdom of Ossetia was the first King of the Kingdom of Ossetia. He ruled a short term from 1167 AD to 1170 AD. He died of a heart attack at the age of 55. Born in 1115 AD he was a very intelligent student at his school. He believed that Kuba must be united under Ossetian rule. And when he rained as king he was able to unite the island. When he was 17 he came across a Wild Boar which he actually fought with in his village. He defeated it with only a small rock to the head. 7 years later he traveled to other villages all over Kuba and the Caribbean islands. He learned their customs and took part in their tournaments and games. When he was 29 he met a girl named Sasha Petrenko and the two fell in love and got married. He served as a warrior before the kingdom was established and defended his country well. Then in 1167 he took the throne as King Nikolai I. He waged numerous wars with the villages who attacked Ossetia on Kuba and defeated them. However in 1169 AD he found out his heart was weak and almost had a heart attack. Luckily he was able to survive. However when a fire intended to kill the cook who was planing to posion the king back fired and caught the entire kingdom on fire he awoke with a shock and horror of flames all around him his heart couldn't take it and he died in his bed. He was found dead after the fire was put out. A funeral for him in 1171 was held so he could be buried in peace. His tomb is now located in Gavana cemetary in the crept at the end. Known as the greatest leader in Ossetian history his legacy is timeless and today Ossetians still praise his wisdom and guidance to pursuit peace throughout the world. His decendents are:

  • Viktor Petrenko 1165-1180
  • Levski Petrenko 1178-1199
  • Yuri Petrenko 1196-1238
  • Ob Petrenko 1226-1258
  • Nevski Petrenko 1257-1280
  • Peter Petrenko 1278-1298
  • Vovski Petrenko 1296-1360
  • Kursk Rostov 1360-1400
  • Yelev Rostov 1400-1500(Longest living relative)
  • Wevly Rostov 1506-1579
  • Gunk Rostov 1589-1648
  • Zevluvski Rostov 1639-1705
  • Kurksev Fox 1705-1788
  • Lungik Fox 1785-1805
  • Devulon Fox 1808-1857
  • Nikita Fox 1856-1899
  • Kevulisk Fox 1899-1968
  • Nikolai Fox I 1965-1993
  • Nikolai Fox II 1982-??? (Current president of The Ossetian Empire)