Landscape is the terrain of part of the Earth. You settlement will take refuge on it so it is important to match the landscape to the realife Earth place in some form.

There is 4 key features of a landscape

  1. Biome
  2. Physical appearance
  3. Elevation
  4. Geographical features

Biome Edit

Biomes is the climatic appearance of the landscape. If its in a desert the landscape will by sandy with little trees (note you never have to add trees). If in the artic, permanent Ice sheet than the landscape will be icy.

Physical Appearance Edit

This is how landscape resembles the realife earth one. For example if you are on a small island than the landscape will be surrounded by water. If your on a coastline than you try to match what the coastline looks. You can easily do this by using maps and inserting them into your place as decales on top of a brick. For scale go into google maps and check how large a building is compared to the map, try to match this. Place bricks ontop of the map to build the landscape.


Elevation is the height difference over distance. Players should really take this into consideration when building in mountains, or a hilly area. Google maps (terrain) is a great way to find out how terrain effects your landscape. Note just make a simple version of it and edit it by yourself to achieve detail.

Geographic FeaturesEdit

Players should look into the area with google maps and locate and rivers and lakes. The player should add his own version of rivers and lakes if found.