Langover CityEdit

Langover City is one of the largest cities in Gracana, Being the old capital of the former nation Asteria, Langover is one of the most travled to cities in the world! Whether it be it's substantial size (Langover is a Mega City), it's pristine beaches, it's international trade, it's gorgeous parks, it's friendly citizens, or even just it's jaw-dropping skyline, Langover is the place to be!

It's Always Sunny in Langover!Edit

Langover City encourages the citizens of the world to take part in this breath-taking adventure of a life time and come explore this concrete jungle! Whether it be to simply take in the sights and breath in Langover's pristine air, or it be to meet our friendly and fun-loving citizens, or even if it be to take part in Langover's massive commercial districts, there is always something to do in Langover! Perhaps you want to watch one of Mahava Voima's rockets take off at the NSI's Launch Center in Langover? Take a walk on the beach? Explore the massive island Langover rests on? Who knows what you'll find yourself doing in Langover!

Langover InformationEdit

Here are some brief facts about Langover: