The Majitatian Empire (Officially The United Kingdoms of the Majitatian Empire) is a large, Dictatorship-based empire that is based In Sweden, and goes as west as Norway, and as south as Mid-Germany. Our capital and largest city is Malmo. We are a nation of federal dictatorship, and municipal democracy. There are many things that make Majitatia a great country, but we are best known for our living standards. In fact, we have the best living standards in the world! Some standards include:

Free healthcare, free housing, free education, small electricity bill, entire country living in a home, debt free, rich in coal, lead, zinc and silver, Illegal for banks to charge interest on loans, if a citizen cannot get an occupation after graduation, they are given money from the government for there profession, low prices everywhere, any mother who gives birth gets $5000.00 to take care of the child, 82 years life expectancy, low crime rate, 99% literacy rate and more!

Our citizens are very happy here in Majitatia. We make much of our money from oil in the North Sea, tourism, and trade. (Although we do not do much trade, we control 2 major trade routes)

Come visit sometime, we will be very happy to welcome you. :)