Marxonia Location

Location of Marxonia...

Marxonia. This is a land on the Crimean Peninsula of what used to be Ukraine. It is led by a supercomputer that processes information in the capitol building, the Marx Tower.

In 2046, the country was founded by Giovanni De Lazio and Jacques Fresco. The system was a form of Communism. Jacques Fresco invented the massive supercomputer in 2050, on his 134th birthday. Giovanni was in critical health, and his mind was implanted in the supercomputer by Fresco.

Marxonia Flag

The Marxonian flag...

The Marxonian flag is dark red with an upside-down pyramid. It resembles passion for peace and victory for man. Secretly, it also is an anti-illuminati symbol. Shortly after, Jacques Fresco began making geothermal plants and implemented hydroponic farming in previously unfertile land.

In the 21st century, a worldwide revolution began, and there was much violence. At the time, Giovanni De Lazio and Jacques Fresco were in the Ukraine. The world was soon destroyed when all countries had launched missiles, nuclear warheads, etc. Several pockets of the world were spared, but civilization was largely destroyed. Fresco and Giovanni saw this as an opportunity to make good on the world, and so in 2046, they made a settlement under the banner of Marxonia. This settlement was called Simferopol, after the ruined city not too far from there.