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Military​ Edit

Military is one of the only ways to take over a country without annexing them through boarders. Having a good military depends greatly on having allies and the amount of settlements you have. Note one army has to stay in each settlement and fort. If you do not than anyone can take you city without resistance.

List of How Much Units is Supplied by a Settlement

  • Colony - 1 army
  • Town - 2 armies
  • City - 4 armies
  • Mega City - 8 armies

Each army is worth 10 units that can be divided in land, sea or air units.

Settlement and Fort Units and DefencesEdit

Mines, turrets, units, and anything built into the place cannot be used for war. Only the landscape can be used and defences that were built on it. (Such as trenches, walls ect... as long as it can't damage the units) Invasion of Settlements To invade you must contact Cowkiller to monitor for god modding or cheating. Both players are to enter the place that the settlement is being attacked. The defenser can place his/her units in the settlement while the attacker must place outside. If the person looses his/hers city will be annexed into the other Empire. The defendor looses everything that was invested in the city (armies, resources) but must keep the place for the victor.

Seceding Edit

If your settlement has been captured there is a way to become independent again. You can do this by gaining secession in the settlement (you gain the settlements armies). Note it would prob be smart to have a foreign nation help you in seceding. Only one settlement can succeed at a time.