Repetition is when a user makes identicle objects or things over and over again. This is a problem when it comes to settlements, to much repition and your settlements will seem "fake" and will allow users to simply just dot the world with identicle, bland and lame settlements. As a result it is your goal to use some repetition but not to overuse it. The best way to look at this is to think of a landmass. No part of the landmass will be at the same height and often will differ between regions.

Good Ways to Avoid itEdit

  • Create multiple building types or different buildings to represent certain buildings such as houses, offices ect...
  • Limit Copy and pasting to the building styles and looks and rotate the object to add greater appeal. If you copy groups of buildings it might end up looking fake.
  • Change up the roads, avoid making similar squares and rectangles.