San Turina

Town of San Turina

Current Situation.

As the First Town to be hit by the Carradaian Communist revolutions of late 2011, it has since become the Capital of the Revolution's fledgling state. It's already caused quite a stir by seizing several foreign assets (Davacori Petorleum's Oil Rig, The San Turina Nuclear/Industrial Complex and privately owned farmland).


San Turina was founded in 1900 by Carradaian settlers. It was a relitavely small and peaceful village until the discovery of Uranium and Oil in the early 1950s. Carradaian Dictator 'El Presidente' seized the resources and local land before selling it off to foreign corporations. San Turina was then made district capital. However, this attracted a lot of immigration to San Turina from other villages. These people came to the town with hope for finding new jobs, only to find they were taken by foreign specialists. They now have a large slum town, and the luckier ones live in the tenement blocks.

The Revolution.

In late 2011, darkmessengerhelp, leader of the outalwed Carradian Communist party, began a revolution in San Turina. Revolutionaries took over the local Military dock, seizing weapons, before proceding to take over the town's residental and govermental areas. With local government forces showing little resistance, the revolutionaries swept over the reigon taking local farmland and natural resources. They finished the coup with conquering of the local Nuclear/Industrial complex. The Revolution is now preparing to take the next reigonal capital.

How is this classified as a Town class settlement?

It contains all of the following:

  • Necessary buildings.
  • Natural resources (Uranium and Oil).
  • Farmland.
  • Industry and power (local Nuclear/Industrial complex.).
  • A small park (Revolution Park).
  • A school (First State Academy of San Turina).
  • Transportation (roads and docks).
  • At least 1/2 a page of the wiki,