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Solara City is the oldest inhabited city of the great nation of Asteria! For almost two thousand years Solara City has been a beacon of civilization in the Netherlandic region, but it has recently started to crumble as the troubled inhabitants began to migrate to safer regions.

Where once it was a small village, then a small town, it was a crowded city filled with loyal Asterian citizens, all contributing to the growth and developement of the Glory Land, up until recently as the city began to rapidly shrink. Solara also was once the capital of Asteria during the Monarchy based government Asteria held until recently.

Solara City TourismEdit

The Asterian government encourages all citizens of the world to take part in the greatest experience of a life time and visit Solara City! Witness the breathtaking views, the pristine beaches, the sparkling rivers, oceans, and lakes, and explore one of the greatest cities of the world! Whether it be sunning on the beach or walking to the top of the Stora Torn av Makt (“Great Tower of Power” in Swedish, the secondary language of Asteria) or eating at one of Solara’s many five star restaurants, there will always be something to do in Solara City! Why not book your trip today!?


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