The four elements is named after the country flag, because it was there the flag first being seen.

Today The four elements is a large colony with lot of luxury ressourses, and now it makes taxes for suez canal.

The Four Elements was once a capital, in an empire standing up against Laginia, in the morning of civilization. We don't know what driven the empire so far, to stand so long against Laginia, but they got defeated at the battle of DFP.

At First Lynium, Lynium gave his littlebrother Lagin, the eastern part of Laginia. First Lagin made this to his capital, but after Lynium's death, he made City of Chaos his new capital. It was the capital untill the great flood, a few years ago, were he moved back to Temple of chaos.


We got lots of oil, and the use is low

we also have rubber and if we work together with the capital that have kopper we can sell cables.

And also we have exotic fruits, like orange, bananas, etc.

And the last is coffee that is worth so much as oil.