Officially apart of the nation of Gracana, Tsukiburg is a small town on what is known in the real world as Long Island, New York. Recently annexed, Tsukiburg has been passed around from country to country, having many rulers but only a single name; Tsukiburg was the only part of the Asterian United Technocracy not to be attacked during the Glory Wars (a civil war which tore the country apart), this is believed to have been due to it's general neutrality in all matters as well as it's isolation from the majority of the nation. As a result, the natives are skeptical of new governments, but remain friendly and helpful to all who visit their quaint town; the people know they are seperated from the rest of their fellow national citizens, but they take this as a blessing, enjoying their unique climate and the tourism that comes with it. Tsukiburg is not only an economically stable town, providing the nation with lumber and fish, but as well as an environmentally friendly town, relying on a Solar Panel system for energy and keeping pollution to a minimum. Tsukiburg is quickly expanding and is a valuable part of the nation.


A remote, quaint town in the forested area of North America, Tsukiburg is amongst one of the most highly suggested toruist destinations for those seeking escape from the stresses of the modern world. Whether it be hiking, taking walks in the beautiful forests, exploring the town, fishing, playing on the beach, or just sitting in your cabin relaxing, the possibilities of what you can do here are nearly endless!


Here are some basic statistics for Tsukiburg: