UNN News: Today is when we are a free nation again Heres, Prime Matthew Vl, " Today My People! Today We have been Freed, Today We are a strong nation again. TODAY WE STAND BEFORE THE WORLD! As a New Nation a United Nation. A UNITED EMPIRE!!! Today We Live in a Place better then Before.A place of Peace. A place of Freedom. Today My people We shall live United Again. TODAY WE SHALL BE FREE!!!! TODAY PEACE HAS RISED AFTER THE FALL OF THE FONTIER!!!!!!. Today Is the Day That will Go in our HISTORY!!!"-Matthew Vl

Flag For Matt

Flag of the United Empire.


'1 Allies ='Ossteain Empire, Laginia

2 Trade Parterns = NIR ,Chevek

3 Freinds =

4 Peaceful =

5 In the Middle = Almost all.(NIR is trade and newtrul).

6 Hates =

7 Defcon 3 =

8 Defcon 2 : MV

9 Defcon 1 =

10 WAR!!!! =


City/Capital: City United

Town of Flowers.

Town of Matthew



We were the govorerment of Newest which made the whole nation be under the rule of the Empoer. But after thinking the Empoer makes a new govorment called Mentor. It lets the people have 95% of countroll and the Empoer 5%. Make it a more stable nation.