A wonder is a special landmark in a settlement. They should be over 5 x 5 studs big unless it has a reason to be smaller. Wonders should be the center point of a settlement, wowing all who comes to see it, they do not have to be taller than all the buildings but have extreme amounts of detail. This should test you skill as a mini builder and should take quite a bit of time. For example a statue of liberity can just be a easy roblox place body with something in its hand. You should go through every detail of the shape of the statue, from the feet to the legs to the body to the head to the arms to what ever its holding. Note Wonders can be made up.

Realife Good examples of WondersEdit

  • Hagia SophiaGo to
  • Taj MahalGo to,_Agra,_India_edit2.jpg
  • Golden Gate BridgeGo to
  • Christ the RedeemerGo to