Capital of the Country of Yokohama, founder, Yokohamin, This City has been with Aregon For millions of years, fought with Aregon in the Demon Wars, and Mists, Also the Gamatron War. Gamatron was a war against Man, and a so called Race of Tronic demons, this war later led up to the First BlackTron War, Which Shouldnt be talked about. has 1 chair in the General List. They were Known as the Golden Spark of the Modern Age by creating the first rifle in the planet. Yokama is the Capital, and is at the tip of a peninsula, and a bridge leading to Aregon, 28 mile bridge, its called the Steel Path of Freindship. usually their would be a parade going through the whole bridge. it stretches 8 miles down into the river, of course it was built by orcish slaves, but underwater, the undersea freinds of course.